We desing and manufacture sustainable solutions for countries and companies to implement the largest number of Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN for 2030, showing that sustainability and should go hand in hand with profitability and efficiency. 

The mission of Arpa Change is to guide organizations in their transition to sustainability, providing innovative solutions that consist in the most profitable hybrid solar technology in the world, the most innovative water treatment systems, water purification and the most efficient waste management.

A hybrid solar panel is capable of generating electricity and hot water simultaneously thanks to solar energy . A single panel generates the same energy as 5 photovoltaic modules.

Hydroponic system in modular construction. Designed to fight malnutrition anywhere in the world. It manages water resources in the most efficient way producing food with high nutritional levels.

Different water treatment plants which guarantee the best water quality regardless from its origin or initial state, and generating water by condensation producing drinking water of excellent quality. 

The use of alternative energies is already a need. Our society has consumed more natual resources than we should have.  We want to promote the design, execution and distribution of clean fuels and alternative energies that allow us to maintain our philosophy of life, but always, respecting the planet we habit. 
Versitile solutions which are designed to be adapted to the current needs of waste treatment and enviromental care and respect.  For solid and liquid waste.

Collect and process all the information coming from the facilities! Check all data in real time, as well as a history of the thermal and/or electrical energy produced by the installation during the desired period of time.